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the book

Archipelago of Hope book overview

Intimate Stories of Climate Change

Readers of the ARCHIPELAGO OF HOPE will visit Indigenous communities where climate change is a fact of life – from the Altai of Russia, to the Tla-o-qui-aht of Canada, from the Skolt Sami of Finland in Europe, to the Sapara of Ecuador. Intimate portraits of local men and women, youth and elders, spiritual leaders and craftsmen emerge against the backdrop of their traditional practices on the land and water, helping readers understand, through vicarious experience, what it is like to live on the edge of climate change.

What these people recount can be sometimes brutal—corruption that disempowers, pollution that sickens, educational policy that rips children away from their families and communities, even murder—but this is balanced with the positive, the adaptive, the compelling, and in some cases, the spiritual.

Best Chance for Us to Remember How to Take Care of the Earth

ARCHIPELAGO OF HOPE makes the case that local communities—islands of biological and cultural diversity in the ever-surging sea of development and urbanization—represent an ARCHIPELAGO OF HOPE, for here lies humankind’s best chance to remember how to take care of the Earth, leaving it healthy for the future generations. The book describes diverse Indigenous communities around the world, innovating and implementing creative solutions to the many challenges of climate change. Though culturally and ecologically fitting to their specific circumstances, their responses are ultimately relevant to the rest of us. The book hopes to inspire readers to think more clearly and practically about climate change and what they can do about it, both in their own communities and globally.

Blend of Science and Personal Storytelling

ARCHIPELAGO OF HOPE is based on over two decades of my work with Indigenous peoples. Drawing on this deep experience, I explore how climate change contributes to the multitude of pressures affecting local people and how they find ways to deal with the added challenges. While drawing on the most up-to-date climate science, the book is by no means a dry account of scientific facts and predictions of climate models, but an engaging narrative full of colourful descriptions of local cultural and biological heritage as well as contemporary and historical traditional practices. In these pages, you might learn how to carve a halibut hook, talk to spirits, plant a medicinal garden, or catch a reindeer.

Climate Change & Indigenous Peoples

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