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Archipelago of Hope book overview

This book was waiting to be written and Gleb Raygorodetsky has the unique background and skills to tell these communities’ stories with clarity and insight.
Dr. Donna Green – Climate Change Research Center, the University of New South Wales, Australia

When Indigenous Peoples meet one another for the first time it’s as if we’ve always known each other. Gleb’s powerful and knowledgeable book captures that essence and the intimate ties we have to our Mother Earth. This book is like reading my own ancestry. We say that “all things are connected” and these stories show us how related we all are.
Patricia Cochrane – Inupiat Eskimo, USA | Executive Director, Alaska Native Science Commission

 As climate evolves from blessing to threat, and masses of humanity build levies and fortresses to protect themselves from something they will simply make worse with their efforts, Gleb Raygorodetsky takes us back to the communities we all descended from, in search of wisdom long forgotten about the the planet-wide ecosystem that sustains us, the one whose friend is climate.
Mark Dowie – Writer and award-winning journalist, including four National Magazine Awards. Author of Conservation Refugees.

There could be no more accurate or prescient way to see our climatic future than through the eyes of Indigenous culture, people whose survival depends directly on the intimacy with which they interact with living systems. In Archipelago, longtime inhabitants of earth give us their eyes and ears, and we, who can be dumbfounded by an overwhelming onslaught of information, find a precious wisdom that is bestowed to those who patiently abide in the life of the world.
Paul Hawken – environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and a best-selling writer. Author of the  Blessed Unrest

Gleb Raygorodetsky has spent his life immersed in the trials and dreams of indigenous peoples around the world. ARCHIPELAGO OF HOPE presents his personal and professional experiences and insights in a lively and compelling set of stories from around the world. Much has been written about climate change, but little that displays the conviction, passion, and depth that Gleb brings to this task. Ultimately, his message is one of optimism: there is still time to act, if only we can show the patience and commitment to listen and learn from those, like Gleb, who have taken the time to earn their wisdom.
Henry Huntington – co-author of The Meaning of Ice and contributor to the  Arctic Climate Impact Assessment and the  Arctic Biodiversity Assessment

This finite blue-green planet creaks under growing pressure. Solutions to world problems must come from within: we will all need to find ways of living that have a light touch on the planet, and yet at the same time bring well-being and contentment. This fine book develops a much-needed narrative of hope. There are peoples in diverse cultures worldwide who have insights and solutions. We should listen and learn.
Dr. Jules Pretty, OBE, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Environment & Society, University of Essex

Gleb Raygorodetsky’s journey through indigenous peoples of five continents shines an empathetic and sensitive light on the deepest sources of wisdom that we still have left on earth. While climate change is the focus, it is clear that such peoples have much to teach the rest of us about how to live responsibly towards the rest of nature, and towards each other. Powerful images and clear prose, both based Gleb’s obvious immersion in the lives of these peoples, makes this book enormously educative, useful, and delightful.
Ashish Kothari – Founder-member  Kalpavriksh Environment Action Group

Dr. Gleb Raygorodetsky expresses extraordinary scientific insights about the natural world in intimate and inspiring prose. He puts the reader directly into the forests and cabins of the indigenous peoples about whom he writes.
Carol Hiltner – Author & Artist, President of Altai Mir University

Few non-native people understand the sacred ancient connection indigenous people have with Mother Earth better than Gleb Raygorodetsky. Here in the inimitable clarity and style for which we know him from his National Geographic Voices blog, Gleb takes us to every inhabited continent, to meet and converse with people who are witnessing the impact of climate change on ecosystems they have related with for countless generations. For them there is no need of abstract scientific data to show there is a real disturbance in our planet’s life-giving force. Yet it is in these same forgotten corners of the world that Gleb also finds traditional knowledge of our planetary organism may well be our species’ ultimate lifeline.
David Maxwell-Braun, Editor, National Geographic Voices

The Archipelago of Hope shares important stories and sophisticated biocultural strategies for adaptation and mitigation to climate change that we all need to learn from and pay attention to. Respecting and making room for indigenous people’s ideas and practices such as co-management, knowledge co-creation, interdependence, equal partnership, conservation economy, medicinal plants, mobility and traditional governance offers a hopeful set of counter-narratives to the status quo of neoliberal adaptation solutions being offered in the international policy arena today.  I highly recommend this inspiring book, with warm, loving photographs and many other resources, to lead students, researchers, professionals and indeed other indigenous peoples to a better appreciation of the rich biocultural diversity of our shared world, and a more inclusive and humble approach to stewarding it through these times and into the future

Dr. Rajindra Puri – Senior Lecturer in Environmental Anthropology,  University of Kent at Canterbury

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